A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

The objective of this game is to get your ship from one portal to another as you travel through space. You have no control over your ship but you can move around different objects to help get it move the way you want it to.


Click on "Edit" to place or move planets, and "Save" to play.

Click on planets to pick them up, move your mouse to where you want to place them, click again to place (Dragging does not work.... yet ).

Made in : Java (Eclipse IDE)

Developer & Designer: Saumitra Lohokare 

Artist & designer : Shubham Chury

P.S. - 

To make the game a little harder, the edit mode will produce a slight different effect than that of the game. #ItsNotABugItsAFeature

This is our first Game Jam ever. Any constructive criticism is appreciated. Thanks for checking the game out.  :D

Install instructions

This will download an executable JAR file and the source code as well.

Run the JAR file normally ( double click) to play.


Interstellar Playground.jar 709 kB
GamesPlusJam2.zip 744 kB


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Um hello...really don't know how to start the game...can't find .jar file to play...

Hi. There are two files for download, the first one is the jar file. :)